News and useful information about antique fireplaces


Fire Fenders from The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company
Discover our range of stunning fire fenders here at The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company to decorate your fireplace and add a unique statement.

How Do Victorian Fireplaces Work
Antique Fireplace Restoration highlight how Victorian fireplaces work and how they played a dual role in households of the time.

Identifying Historical Fireplace Designs

The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company provide some guidance on identifying historical fireplace designs including Louis, Regency and Victorian fireplaces.

Famous Victoria Fireplaces

The Antique Fireplace Restoration take a look at some famous Victoria fireplaces, a period in Britain with homes being a statement of beauty and status.

Tips for Choosing an Antique Fireplace

The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company present this guide to choosing an antique fireplace.

Top Tips to Renovate a Cast Iron Fireplace

Well-renovated cast iron fireplaces adds élan and elegance to the room. The effort behind doing a good job it is well worth the while and cost. Here are some tips on how to go about with the process.

Fireplace Facts: Dog Grates

In our continued series on fireplace facts, we take a brief look at dog grates.

Arts and Crafts Fireplaces

A look at fireplaces designed during the Arts and Crafts Movement era.

Fireplace Facts: Louis Revival

A brief look at the Louis Revival fireplaces that we sell in our showroom in Levenshulme.

Art Nouveau Fenders

A look at fireplace fenders in relation to the Art Nouveau movement. From 1890 to 1914, Art Nouveau was a highly popular art movement which has inspired many architects and designers.

Fireplace Facts: What are Firedogs?

When you buy an antique fireplace, you see two posts on the left and right hand sides of your fireplace.  They have one essential function as well as being an embellishment to your hearth.  They are known as andirons, or firedogs and embellish horizontal iron bars.

4 Specialist Services Offered at The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company

At The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company, we like to go the extra mile with our services, offering extras and options that most fireplace manufacturers and restorers don’t. With years of experience in the industry, we have expanded our product and service selection, allowing us to provide you with the most up-to-date methods and processes when it comes to arranging your ideal fireplace set-up.

Fire Surrounds: The Best Materials for their Design

Fireplaces are often seen to be the focal point of a room, comparable to a work of art. A fire surround is the equivalent of a picture frame and draws attention to the fireplace. Fire surrounds come in a variety of styles, from a range of materials they are crafted from to the period they were created in, for example, the Victorian era.

How to choose the correct fire surround for your home?

If you want to inject character and ambience into any room then the flickering effects of a fire will instantly create an inviting and homely setting; however the result can be somewhat diluted if the fire is not faultlessly framed. Furthermore, a fireplace design that complements the fire perfectly will ostensibly enhance the value of your home also.

Why TAFRC are at the Top of the Pile for Our Elegant and Stylish Fireplaces

A fireplace is without a doubt the very heart of a home. Offering a sense of beauty and tranquillity alongside the ability to provide a welcome relief from the stresses of the modern world, it only makes sense that such additions have been around for centuries.