How to choose the correct fire surround for your home?

Relight my Fire!

If you want to inject character and ambiance into any room then the flickering effects of a fire will instantly create an inviting and homely setting; however the result can be somewhat diluted if the fire is not faultlessly framed. Furthermore, a fireplace design that complements the fire perfectly will ostensibly enhance the value of your home also.

Essentially then, when choosing a fire surround the following factors should be borne in mind:

• What style are you wanting to accomplish
• The dimensions of the room
• The material preferences i.e. marble fire surrounds, cast iron ,wooden fire surrounds or stone & slate fire surrounds
• Maintenance
• Cost

Style and substance

In terms of fire surrounds there are a plethora of styles and materials to suit all properties and individual tastes, which are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Wood Surrounds

Back in the Edwardian era wooden surrounds were commonplace, likewise was marble and cast iron fire surrounds mainly because of their innate ability to diffuse heat. And even today wood is still the material of preference when trying to capture that country style abode which alludes originality.

The popularity of using the medium of wood in and around the home has risen sharply over the years, and it is fair to say is trending within interior design circles. Typically by bringing in an element from the outdoors and incorporating it as an integral part of the home’s overall design, creates a sophisticated look from natural elements. Its versatility allows the user to appreciate a softer medium that is cozy, hard wearing, sustainable, available in a vast array of finishes and versatile enough to be stained to your choosing if required.

Marble Surrounds

To create that contemporary look that exudes luxury, then marble surrounds with their polished and glossy finish frame a fire perfectly. Moreover, they are very easy to maintain and don’t fade or discolour. Its application has rather stood the test of time, and been found to be adopted in homes for over 300 years.

Rather than opting for the usual beige fire surrounds that are synonymous with marble, there are a wide spectrum of other colours one should keep in mind – for instance black or even white and grey.

Stone and Slate

Since the medieval times traditionally stone has been the medium of choice. As with marble fire surrounds, both in Regency and Georgian style properties stone surrounds are often favoured for their ornate appearance.

It is fair to say that because of natural stone’s distinctive texture it creates a bold impression in any home. And again is available in a variety of finishes which alludes character, elegance and opulence. Such finishes include, Limestone, Sandstone and Bath stone. Conversely the use of slate was also a popular and viable alternative, offering not only distinctive character but it combines exceptional functionality in terms of tolerance to heat.