4 Specialist Services Offered at The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company

At The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company, we like to go the extra mile with our fireplace restoration services, offering extras and options that most fireplace manufacturers and restorers don’t. With years of experience in the industry, we have expanded our product and service selection, allowing us to provide you with the most up-to-date methods and processes when it comes to arranging your ideal fireplace set-up.

Here is a run-through of our unique specialist services on offer:

Restoration Services

Got an old fireplace in your home that you’re convinced could be beautiful, if only it wasn’t covered with layers of chipped paint that have built up over the years? Whether it’s Edwardian, Victorian – or any other era of fireplace – at The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company, we endeavour to restore any style or size of fireplace to as close to its former glory as possible.

Using meticulous, expert-tested methods, we will remove build-up and residue with the help of specialist chemicals. Working to break down the compounds of the paint and grime already caked into the fitting, we then work tirelessly to buff away the mess and bring your fireplace back to its natural beauty.

To get an accurate estimate for your fireplace restoration, simply snap a few pictures and send us the details of the condition and history of the piece, then we will strive to provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

Bespoke Creations

Got very specific dimensions in mind to fit your fireplace in your home, and can’t find any on the market that adhere to them? Here at The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company, we offer a variety of bespoke, made to order options for your fireplace.

Regardless of whether the creation is gas or electric, or whether the hearth or mantel that needs matching to your current composition, our designers can create bespoke masterpieces for your home.

Fitting Services

Your antique fireplace is naturally a source of great joy and attraction within your home, so ensuring that it is handled or refit in a professional, safe manner is of utmost importance. The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company works closely with a number of industry standard, Gas Safe/HETS registered fitters, allowing us to recommend only the very best fireplace fitters in the area.

With all of our recommendations holding between 15-25 years of experience within the fireplace fitting industry, you can rest assured that your prized piece will be handled with the respect it deserves. This service isn’t compulsory with our fireplaces, but we’d definitely recommend opting for one of our trusted fitters.

Delivery Services

With a private fireplace delivery service at our disposal, we can ensure that your fireplace is delivered in the safest manner, with the correct packaging and handling – this runs across the United Kingdom, although we do provide a cheaper in-house option for purchases within the Manchester area.

Contact us today to discuss our personalised services available at The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company, where we can offer advice and guidance with regards to your purchase or restoration requirements.