Fire Grates

Bespoke Fire Grates

Bespoke fire grates are able to add a unique sense of personality to any room and they are extremely appealing from an aesthetic point of view. The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company takes a great deal of pride in offering quality fire grates that mirror various eras within the United Kingdom. An attention to even the most discrete of details combined with a massive selection to choose from signifies that we can cater to extremely discriminating tastes. Let us take a closer look.

Antique Fireplace Grates: Stepping Into the Past

Have you been searching for a piece to match the Victorian period? Does your Edwardian-style home require a unit that reflects all of the charm and allure of this era? These are only two of the choices which our customers can enjoy. From Art Nouveau to Gothic and Baroque styles, the options are nearly endless. Still, these grates offer much more than visual beauty alone. They are all fully functional and they can be fitted into the modern fireplace with ease. Arched designs, combination styles, register grates and tiled versions are all available within moments.

Each of these units is offered at highly competitive prices, so it is normally possible to accommodate even the tightest of budgets. They are stunning to behold and each will imbue any room with a truly unbeatable sense of classic style. To learn more or to ask if we have a specific model of fire grates in stock, please contact us by email at or telephone on 0161 225 8967. We also encourage you to stop by our showroom at your convenience.