Art Nouveau Fenders

A look at Art Nouveau fireplace fenders

Art Nouveau fire irons image by Gozzoli (via Shutterstock).

Art Nouveau style fire irons. The Edwardian Art Nouveau style was popular with fire irons and fenders. Image by Gozzoli (via Shutterstock).

The Art Nouveau movement, in its brief period of popularity, has inspired many designers and architects. At its height from 1890 to 1914, it owes a debt to the Arts and Crafts Movement espoused by William Morris. With its Arts and Crafts leanings, the movement’s use of natural forms were integral to its form.

During the Edwardian times, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Antoni Gaudi were the leading exponents of Art Nouveau design. The redevelopment of Barcelona city centre according to Jaussely’s plan, was helped by Gaudi, with the Casa Mila and Sagrada Família its notable landmarks.

Now imagine the joys of Art Nouveau design on your fireplace. You get the same level of decoration on your fireplace as you would on any of the iconic buildings we’ve mentioned. We at the Antique Fireplace Restoration Company also sell them in cast iron or brass forms (subject to availability).

On fireplaces and fireplace fenders, Art Nouveau decoration comes into its own. It makes for a dynamic yet organic and ornate form, which looks well in many homes. Especially Edwardian and late-Victorian properties.

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The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company, 22 May 2017.