Fire Surrounds: The Best Materials for their Design

Fireplaces are often seen to be the focal point of a room, comparable to a work of art. A fire surround is the equivalent of a picture frame and draws attention to the fireplace. Fire surrounds come in a variety of styles, from a range of materials they are crafted from to the period they were created in, for example, the Victorian era.

But which materials work best?


Are you looking for a classical look?

Wooden fire surrounds are rustic, looking most effective in homes which have a historical and traditional feel. Although most wooden fire surrounds are antique, they can be used to provide a bold finish – creating a contemporary appearance.

In addition to this, don’t be tempted by affordability! If a fire surround is much cheaper you must consider whether the wood can withstand extreme temperatures. If it can’t, it could be potentially dangerous. Usually solid wood is the best option for an antique wooden fire surround, this ensures safety and allows you to create a traditional statement in your home.

Not only are wooden fireplace surrounds elegant, they can be used for gas and electric fire inserts too. Their durable finish provides excellent quality for your home. With a wide range of wood choices, you’re sure to find a type that is suitable for the style in your home. For instance, you may want a contemporary look to your fireplace, in this case, you should perhaps consider a pine solid wood surround whereas, if you want to maintain traditions, an oak fire surround is possibly more fitting. Understandably solid wood never goes out of fashion, and can be suited to a wide range of requirements.


Have you been thinking about a marble fire surround?

Stone fire surrounds are also useful for making a room look elegant and timeless! The quality of these surrounds is suitable for formal settings. Marble fire surrounds are ideal if you aim to brighten up your room-  they play a part in providing natural lighting – this is ideal for you if you’ve been looking for ways to make your room appear bigger.

Stone fire surrounds can come in dark colours too – meeting your rooms specific requirements. Granite or slate fire surrounds can provide elements of darkness too – these are particularly effective for modern homes that are hoping to create a bold statement.

Stone fire surrounds do not compromise on style but neither do wooden fire surrounds, in fact, they are both created to specifically suit your design requirements!

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