The Arts cast iron surround

Item No. I66

Product Description

The Arts cast iron surround which has very crisp casting.There is an Eagle to the frieze and various symbols to the legs to depict the arts which include artists palette and brushes,quills,trumpet,flute,mandolin,panpipes,level,hammer and chisel and a scroll of music where you can even see the notes. Circa 1885

Photographed with Tiled grate item number T35 and Fender F104

The fire surround in the photographs is now sold  , but we do have the smaller version awaiting restoration . The measurements shown are for the fire surround we currently have in stock .

Product Dimensions

54" x 9 1/4"
49 1/2"
46 3/4"
Opening Height
35 3/4"
Opening Width
29 3/8"